Virtus in collaboration with CDTS organises TeenEagle, an international online English language competition for all students aged 8-18, divided into three age groups. The competition takes place in two stages: Online Round and Final Round.

Based on the category, students will have to read a book and watch a film/documentary on which the questions of the first round will be built. The exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions and lasts 60 minutes. 

All students who earn Honor, Bronze, Silver or Gold medals qualify for the final stage of TeenEagle. Students who win Gold medals will receive a 10% discount for registration at the final stage.

The final stage of TeenEagle takes place in several different countries such as: England, Italy, USA and Malaysia, according to a scheduled itinerary for 8 days. Participating children, in addition to competing with TeenEagle finalists, will visit various attractions of the host country. 

Owlypia is an international competition designed for students of three age groups: 9-11 years old (OWLINS), 12-14 years old (OWLETS) and 15-18 years old (OWLYS). Each year, Owlypia sets a new theme on which to base the materials the students will learn. The competition takes place in two stages: Online Round and Final Round.

The theme for 2024 is: Goal setting, heading for success.

Owlypia includes five thematic areas: Art and Design, Economics and Business, Literature and Culture, Science and Technology and Social Sciences. A perfect challenge for anyone who likes to think, write and speak in a social and academically stimulating environment! 

Students should choose their favourite subject and prepare based on some materials, which will be: book, film, video, article, famous person.

The first round exam contains 90 multiple-choice questions and lasts 90 minutes. Students who qualify in the final stage will get discounts based on their individual performance in the exam.

The final of the Owlypia competition can be organised in two ways: Online and Onsite. The onsite final takes place in 3 different destinations: Cambridge, London and Abu Dhabi. During 7 days, students divided into groups of 3 members will perform challenges in 5 different categories, visits to colleges, seminars, city and boat tours, etc. 

The test categories for groups are: 

  • Knowledge Challenge - Multiple choice 
  • Pen Down Challenge - Debating 
  • Speech Craft Challenge - Debating
  • Impromptu Challenge - Public Speaking
  • Team Spirit Challenge - Quiz / Game Show
iWISE is a global platform that invites all pupils and students aged 8 - 24 from all over the world to showcase their innovative ideas. The competition is divided into four age groups:
  • 8-11 years old
  • 12-15 years old
  • 16-19 years old
  • 20-24 years old
  Pupils or students can choose one of the following 3 categories: 
  • Art Category
  • Talent Category
  • STEM Category

The first round of the competition takes place online. Pupils or students choose one of the Art, Talent or STEM categories. After registering in the system, students must book a Zoom meeting and select the language in which they want to present their project. 

The jury will evaluate the work of pupils and students and will choose the best ones to qualify for the final stage. All results will be announced live via the iWISE YouTube channel during the virtual awards ceremony.

All pupils and students who win medals in the Virtual Final will qualify for the iWISE Global Final. Gold medal finalists will receive a 10% discount on registration for the final stage. 

All pupils and students will be provided with a certificate of participation and achievement according to the result. 

The top 3 pupils/students in the main categories (Art / Talent / STEM) will be eligible for the big cash prizes as follows:

£600 first place
£450 second place
£300 third place.